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Hey, it’s Scott Dennison, Top Ranked I’m back today with some more ideas for you to get your brain going and thinking about your business and being more profitable as a roofing contractor.

I want to know if you are one of those contractors that are 100% committed to excellence; are you interested in that or are you completely committed to it? They are two different things.

Right now we’re at an unprecedented time. We have Home Advisor being sued for scamming contractors. We have all sorts of other scams going on, with Lead Gen. We’ve got all the SEO scams that are going on. At the same time, we’ve got unlicensed contractors running around providing services. But you know what? Google is very, very tired of all of this and they’re tired of hearing about people getting ripped off by roofing contractors.

I’m seeing evidence to what they’re about to do is change the roofing industry. And the way they’re doing it is they’re using the quality of your site, the quality of everything they know about you to determine whether or not you are visible to their customers.

Something important to consider. If you’re invisible to Google’s customers that are looking for a roofer, how in the world can you build a business that way? Some of the things that you’ve noticed, Google has now got a “Guaranteed by Google” stripe of ads across the top of most search pages. I’m sure you’ve seen it.

Uh, that is a new lead gen source that’s going after Home Advisor, trying very simply to take them out of the game. I think the bottom line of it is, once all of these changes that Google is making rolled themselves out, the AI or artificial intelligence, the QS or quality scoring and Google’s desire to only show the very best contractors to the people that are looking for a roofer in their area mean that you’re either going to be 100% committed to excellence and getting a steady supply of five star reviews for your work. Or Google’s just going to push you out of sight. I don’t want you to have that become your experience. It’s very difficult to build a roofing business in 2019 without the Internet playing a role. I can help you. My name is Scott Dennison of Top Ranked call me if I can help.

About the author 

Scott A. Dennison

I'm known as an Internet Marketing Expert and Lead Generation Specialist for the roofing industry.

I'm the author of two books; The best-selling “80/20 Internet Lead Generation," as well as Becoming Top Ranked - A Guide For Roofers. I've created several online training courses, and have presented at marketing conferences all over the US.

I specialize in helping roofing companies achieve their #1 online goal, to make their phone ring with quality leads – and to achieve their personal life passions.

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