004 – 3 Critical Numbers for A Profitable Roofing Business


In episode 004 of “A Rocking Roofer’s Life,” we’re talking about the critical math that separates the profitable roofer from the one who suffers and slowly goes broke. However, if you know, track and use these 3 numbers in your roofing business you’ll prosper and achieve unusual success.

If you’re having challenges with any of these issues, we should talk about it. Calls are usually around 30 minutes, are free, and have no obligation to do anything other than showing up and participate. To request your call, visit https://toprankedroofer.com/lets-talk.

About the author 

Scott A. Dennison

I'm known as an Internet Marketing Expert and Lead Generation Specialist for the roofing industry.

I'm the author of two books; The best-selling “80/20 Internet Lead Generation," as well as Becoming Top Ranked - A Guide For Roofers. I've created several online training courses, and have presented at marketing conferences all over the US.

I specialize in helping roofing companies achieve their #1 online goal, to make their phone ring with quality leads – and to achieve their personal life passions.

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