Hi, I'm Scott A. Dennison

I help roofing contractors to solve their two major challenges - the difficulty of attracting more and better clients and the constantly evolving process of selling them on your services.

If your roofing company is seeking to improve in either its marketing approach or its results from marketing, TopRankedRoofer can help you.

Since 2012 I've been generating leads for roofing companies, and have helped them to accomplish many of their goals.

One company was so well positioned online that after a powerful hail storm, they received over 1000 calls in 36 hours.

That same company, in 2016 shattered its previous sales record of $2.5M in sales by installing 504 new roofs and posting $8.6M in revenue.

Another client, a commercial roofer gets the opportunity to bid on almost every job in their region - all due to their online position and selling systems.

But you should also know, how very much alike we are...

Every road to success starts somewhere...

I started out as a contractor's kid. My Dad was an underground utility contractor.

Early on, I was exposed to the pressure that comes when there is less work coming in...

Several of the early sales jobs I had were working with contractors, friends of the family were all entrepreneurs and owners of home services businesses. We were alike and I liked their "blue collar" ways.

When the internet emerged as a business marketplace I got involved early and started an online company. But I had no idea what I was doing.

We tried a lot of things... but nothing seemed to work...

As we were investing our own money to get it going, there were many times I felt overwhelmed, maybe even depressed. At that point we tried hiring an "expert".

I could write a book about that experience.

The remedy and only real path forward was for me to learn everything I could about marketing online and selling to the customers we found there.

Tens of thousands of dollars invested in education and I finally discovered what truly works and what doesn't work.

Here's The Rest of The Story

I was able to transition from my first online business having failed to building a profitable Internet consulting agency and writing two books about the topic.

Each and every client I worked with achieved reasonable and in some cases a high return on their investment...

And yes, if I were willing to ignore the changes in Internet marketing, my agency would very likely still be doing well.

But the "lead generation" business is filled with fraud. Buying leads, shared or otherwise is a bad strategy for a successful roofing contractor. Instead, you want to position your firm as attractive to your community and generate your own leads. 

In 2020, while the world was suffering under the pandemic, I gained total clarity in the real reason a business struggles to get a better result from Internet marketing and my VPS Transformational Formula was born.

In spring of 2021, Scott was invited to join the prestigious firm, Cotney Attorneys & Consultants as an Internet marketing consultant.

Scott shows off his book, "80/20 Internet Lead Generation"

It's Your Turn To Succeed!

Most of the roofing contractors that struggle to get more and better clients suffer from a lack of visibility online.

A homeowner searching on Google who does not see your business listed there doesn't know that you exist.

Other firms don't have enough reviews or some poor reviews and they get filtered out of the initial search.

Those that do get contacted by a prospect about a roof repair or replacement sometimes find that their weak or non-existent sales process costs them the job.

If you can relate to any of this, then TopRankedRoofer help you implement changes to your systems and get you on the right track.

But don't take my word for it...



Don @ Doll Brothers Carpet Dry Cleaning

Don Doll - Doll Brothers

"Scott showed me an 'easy way' to get reviews. We seek to earn 5 Stars on every carpet or tile job.

Our 330+ reviews ranks us #1 in Google."

Lee Williamson - Texas Star Roofing

Lee Williamson - Texas Star Roofing

"Scott ran our online marketing for 5 years; We were #1 when a huge hail event struck Dallas, which helped our roofing business do over $8M."

Keith Eribarne TRU Roof TX

Keith Eribarne - TRURoofing TX

"I hired Scott in December 2020. After working with another firm for 7 years but getting little done; you got us new jobs in 45 days!"

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