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Commercial Roofing Contractor Needs Calls/Leads Case Study

We've been working with a Northeastern Regional Commercial Roofer for 6+ years now. Follow their journey from 2016 when we met them and understood the situation they were in to now, where they get a shot at every single-ply TPO project in their region. Download This Case Study - No Opt-in Needed

Residential Roofing Contractor  Lead Generation Case Study

We worked with a contractor who was "invisible" in search engine results and over the 5 years we helped him he was transformed into a roofer that was highly visible and dominated his local marketplace. Look over my shoulder as I show you all we had to do to turn this project around and make it wildly successful. Download This Case Study - No Opt-in Needed

Roofing Contractor Was Hungry To Abandon Shared Leads

One contractor we worked with was struggling to get enough homeowners to call looking for an estimate or repair. As a result, he was forced to buy leads from one of the big shared lead services but almost immediately he was unhappy with the quality of these leads. Plus they were expensive.  Download This Case Study - No Opt-in Needed

Five Roofing Contractors Compete For One Residential Roof Replacement Job - Who Won and Why? 

A homeowner friend of mine was about to replace her roof. I was invited to track the info presented, dig deeply into the bids and watch as my friend discovered the in's and out's of replacing the roof on her home. Listen in as the mind of a typical roof buyer does due diligence and ultimately chooses a contractor to help her.  Download This Case Study - No Opt-in Needed