Many roofing contractors today have a sense – a deep feeling actually, that they could and should be getting more roof jobs than they are. Maybe you’ve felt these same feelings from time to time.

Roofers today know that their future customers use the Internet to discover companies they can trust and want to use. And if your business is thinking about improving your online marketing YOU NEED REAL RESULTS AND YOU NEED THEM FAST.

When I say “results”, I’m not talking about leads. I’m talking about high-quality local homeowners seeking your brand to ask you to help them solve a problem with their home.

Most of the contractors I’ve met and come to know over the years just want to be “successful”; they want a business they and their families can be proud of. They want more quality prospects contacting them, asking for quotes and buying roofing services.

roofing contractor and his family

Maybe you can relate. I sure can.

Chances are if I were to audit things in your marketing, I’d find that your website has become a bottleneck to your success. When you look at your site, you think it’s outdated, kind of ugly and it doesn’t convert visitors to prospects or leads very well.

One thing is certain – it’s all very confusing and many tell me they wish it was easier.

Will A New Website Solve This Issue?

Your thoughts may lead you to decide that a new website might just be the difference maker.

You’ve talked to many of your buddies who also own businesses and some have seen improvements when they invested in a new website.

But I’d suggest that if the problem you face is with your website, then there is a problem BEFORE the problem and if you miss it you’ll have regrets.

That problem is created by the people who build websites for a living. Many, if not most sites are built by graphic artists. By their nature, they hope to win awards with their beautiful sites.

And if you buy a website from an artist who wants to win awards your business will be unlikely to win a lot of sales with it. Why? It’s not A CONVERSION FOCUSED WEBSITE.

Imagine the pain of suffering as you are now with a poorly performing site at the front of your marketing, then making the decision to buy a new site and still nothing changes.

I’d estimate that 90% of web sites offer pools of information for people to read, when most people don’t read very much. At best they will scan it quickly looking for something that catches their attention. In most cases they don’t find “the hook” that draws them in, so they bounce away.

The few sites that remain are highly focused on making it easy for visitors to take action on the problem that has them searching. Isn’t that what you want??

Before we ever built a website for our clients, my team and I spent a month researching and studying website designs that convert visitors into prospects, looking to understand why.

We came away from the project with clarity – when certain elements of a website appeared in the right place on the page, conversions increased.

That tiny bit of science drives us today, and pays big benefits to you as a prospective client for our services.

Before I get to that, let me mention another big problem with marketing on the Internet these days. It’s Google. But maybe not in the way you’ve thought of them creating problems before.

You see, Google’s search engine now runs on artificial intelligence. They’ve taught their computers to analyze data and with AI and machine learning they get smarter every day.

Google’s machines are tuned to do two things and you have zero choice but to comply with the commands. First they want to order or rank the info in their systems in a way that the person searching gets the “best answer” to every search query.

Second, they are tuned to make money for Google. 

What does that mean for you? Well if Google has ‘indexed’ your site then they know every word you’ve written. They’ve already run your content through several scoring tools and if your site isn’t visible in search engines, one of the reasons could be a poor quality score.

If your content quality score is too low – they show your competitor’s site instead of yours.

I’m telling you this to help you prevent turning a marketing mistake into a repeat of the same marketing problems you have now.

I learned these lessons myself, with my own money working on a business I founded in 1988. When I say I’ve been there and done that, I can prove it.

I’ve already explained that what you want is a “conversion focused” website, which means a site that has content and pictures that position your firm as the best roofer in the local area.

It’s a website that has the necessary call to action placed where your visitor cannot miss it. The call to action must be unmistakable and in plain sight to every visitor.

What Is Top Ranked Roofer Offering You? How Is It Different?

  1. We’ll build a semi-custom WordPress site for your business that features your logo, your colors, and pictures of your jobs.
  2. The written content on your site will be unique and written for you, in your voice, so it’s easy for homeowners to realize you’re an expert roofing contractor.
  3. We’ll host your site on one of the worlds most-powerful servers that is fast and secure.
  4. While adding the content to your pages, we’ll be doing all of the basic and necessary on-page SEO (search engine optimization) of the content.

In doing this, we’re sending a strong message to Google that this information is accurate and helps their searcher accomplish their goals.

But that isn’t all. In fact it’s worth mentioning at this point another problem I see regularly when roofers decide to update their websites.

Almost the entire industry will ask you to pay a monthly “retainer” for their services and they will keep working on your project until the site is done.

I’ve seen this process take 3 months, 6 months and even a year, just to launch the website.

This Won’t Happen At Top Ranked Roofer

Once we know what your goals and objectives are for your new website we’ll provide you with a simple, flat-rate price for the work. More importantly, we’ve eliminated all retainer work in the development phase of projects.

You don’t have the luxury of wasting time and waiting for your web team to build your site. Our commitment is to deliver your new site to you in 45 days or less.

The last two projects we’ve done were completed and moved to the marketing phase of things in 34 days and 38 days respectively.

So are you ready to get more quality prospects to sell roofing to?

If you said “yes” then you can expect that your new site will be one that Google respects. It will be a site that acknowledges your prospective customer is “on a journey” and needs a guide to help them.

Because of this, your visitors will stay longer on your site, which tells Google that there is quality info for visitors here. Almost immediately, more of your site visitors will convert to leads with your new conversion focused website than you’ve experienced before.

Our done-for-you, conversion focused website will change the results you experience in running your roofing business but no one can “talk you into doing anything”, and I’m not going to try either.

I’ll simply tell you that if you do nothing, you can expect nothing to change. Google’s technology will continue to prevent visitors from finding you and eventually your revenues will make it hard to continue.

So if you’ve read this far and say, “Yes I’m Ready”, then complete the form on this page and I’ll be in touch to schedule a call soon.