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Becoming Top Ranked - A guide for roofing contractors

Dear Roofing Professional,

Please answer this question, and for extra credit be honest with yourself.

When it comes to your marketing – to how your roofing firm acquires its customers are you looking for a magic technique; a new way to do social media, for example that solves the problem for you forever?

What happened with the last guy or gal who offered you one of those??

You see, in my world, there are an endless number of “experts” each offering roofers just like you the latest trick, tool or formula. How do I know this?

Because many of those same contractors call or visit me AFTER making the mistake of hiring someone who had no proof they’d ever even worked with roofers before.

But if you and I found ourselves in grave danger and you asked me for my best advice on how you can save yourself, I’d tell you to focus on fundamentals.

Not on just selling a few more roofs, but on dominating your local marketplace, outselling your competitors and achieving the dream life you wanted when you went into business for yourself.

How can you do that?

First, focus on and understand the differences between Joe, John & Jack, the three roofer types (Page 7)

Take time to write out your “ultimate outcomes”, aka the reasons you got out of bed today (Page 18)

Get clear on the “barriers” to your success in customer acquisition. Your time and money investments can be easily eroded by lesser skilled partners. (Page 29)

Resolving, permanently, the “big problems” that keep you from getting more customers. (Page 37)

Getting your head around the “big solution” and why its more comprehensive than others have told you (Page 57)

Implementing “The Three Pillars” quickly and efficiently into your business marketing (Page 69)

Now, when you own a copy of “Becoming Top Ranked”, you can fix your own marketing or you can fix your friend’s business too. This info becomes the foundation of a prosperous business, where you get paid EXCELLENT money to solve other peoples’ roofing problems. Most people THINK they understand online marketing. Not one roofing contractor in 100 actually does.

Unlike everything else on the Internet and all the things people call you or email you about, these fundamentals are not going to change tomorrow.

My unique process is forever. If you’re tired of buying stuff, trying stuff and never getting the results you’ve hoped for, this is your ticket to success.

That’s why I wrote this book! I had so many people call, email or ask me to help them solve their online marketing issues so I recorded my knowledge into this book. And I’m offering it to you for just a quarter!


Because I believe that book buyers, people who sit down and read a physical book that they hold in their hands, and mark up and dog-ear the pages, make GREAT customers, months and years into the future. You’ll get some bonuses on top of those I’m sending out with the book.

If you find you need answers or help with any of this, I am but a phone call away.

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