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Attention Roofer:

This NEW report reveals the top three reasons why prospects don't contact you after seeing your business advertising for the first time...

Are Your "First Impressions" Costing You Sales?

Roofing Leads Can Get Really Expensive,
Especially If You Don't Close Them!

Someone in your market needs to replace their roof; Let's face it, you hope they choose your company for the job, right?

Today though, 80-90% of roof buyers use the Internet to do due diligence -- this means almost everyone will check you out before calling you.

An out of date website, some poor reviews, your last social post about 3 years ago... each is enough to cost you a sale. 

So when I say "first impressions" are probably costing you sales, I'm not kidding!

My (FREE) First Impressions Analysis Can Help!

Even the job referred by people you just did a roof for will want to see what previous customers say about you. How much more does a "cold" prospect want to check you out?

The report I'm offering to send you comes from your website and online presence as I find it -- it will show you what cold prospects think of your website.

Valued at at least $395, get your "First Impressions Analysis" FREE during this unique marketing test 

What is My "First Impressions" Analysis and Why Would You Want It? Great question, let me explain...

What This Is NOT...

Not a standard website audit

I'm not looking at your backlinks

About your "reputation management"

What This IS...

Our experts first impressions of your business

A deep dive into your traffic conversion 

An honest comparison to your competition

Most roofing contractors keep their eyes open for new sources of leads.

You reach out to your new prospect but they don't respond, at least not right away. Why? Your prospect is checking you out to decide if you are worth it.

Many of them, based on THEIR FIRST IMPRESSION OF YOUR BUSINESS, are disqualifying you from the game and going on to the next contractor.

What you REALLY need is to be able to see your business like a prospect does. Like, are my leads bouncing away without giving us an opportunity to earn the sale? If so, what are they looking at, how does my company compare, and how can I fix it? 

Here's my shameless pitch to you today

Allow me to review your roofing company's "first impressions", at no cost or obligation and provide you a report of my findings.

Chances are high that you're losing sales on the leads you've worked so hard to get. 

Enter your details below and I'll send you a FREE custom report of your business "First Impressions"

Scott A Dennison

Author & Customer Acquisition Specialist

About ​Scott A Dennison

Scott A. Dennison is the Founder and CEO of Top Ranked Roofer. In a sea of so-called online marketing experts, he's authored two books on marketing and has been putting up the results you've been seeking - for more than 5 years. 

His roofing contractor clients often thought they needed lead generation and sales. What they really needed was clarity, honest information, proven strategies and a little assistance. 

Our efforts led one client to control the #1 spot in Google for over 30 keywords in organic search and 15 more #1 spots in maps

It led another contractor to his best year ever, when he and his team posted $8.6 million in new roof sales.   

“You have catapulted my business...In only one month"

"Scott, you have catapulted my business 2 years ahead of my competitors, in only one month. "

Calumn McKay
- Owner, Perfect Pitch Roofing

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