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If you’re a roofing contractor who is hungry for more customers, money and success, chances are good that at some point you’ve heard about Google Advertising.

Nicknamed, PPC, many companies have tried their hand at it but are now no longer paying to advertise. If that’s true for you maybe you think that advertising on Google doesn’t work.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Done correctly, Google Ads can produce HUGE profits (ask my clients), but unless you do things right you’ll lose money. Maybe even a lot of money.

Look there is a lot of bad info being shared with roofers about how the Internet works; and the frustration you feel is not your fault.

Here’s one of the things you may have heard that offers terrible advice, yet it spreads faster than a respiratory virus. Maybe you’ve even caught it yourself.

See, many roofing companies have heard about SEO, or search engine optimization before. It’s deeply misunderstood and yet countless roofers are paying someone to “do SEO” on their site because they believe that SEO generates prospects for FREE.

And who among us isn’t interested in getting more customers with less budget?

Does SEO Really Generate Free Customers?

In a word, no – because anything you do to promote your business has a cost. You’ll pay with your money or your time; you cannot promote your business without paying.

Let’s say you meet an online expert and he suggests that you try SEO as your approach to getting more customers. Typically these professionals bill between $500-3500/mo for their fees. Paying fees like this, your personal time involved should be sharply limited.

And let’s say that they position your website on page one of search results and you get a $2000 customer on the phone and earn his business.

Does this equate to a profitable business model? Maybe. It depends on how much the fee was and how many months you paid it before getting the sale.

But let’s look at other ways of gaining the critical “visibility” you need online and consider the costs in deciding what will work best for your business.

You do know that without visibility your chance of selling anything is next to zero. If I’m a roof buyer and I go online to research and don’t see your business among my choices, then to me, you don’t exist. I cannot buy from you if I don’t know you even exist.

So if your desire is for a profitable business then you’ll want to look at all of the various ways of getting people aware of your brand. Offline and online – you want to be found wherever your customer is looking.

In looking to find a customer, if your Grandfather or Father were in business they’d tell you to advertise. Maybe you’re sad that the myth of free customers isn’t real, but honestly, you’re going to have no choice but to “buy” your customers with paid advertising.

Let’s look closer at online ads and explain what makes Google Advertising an amazing place to get the customers you want. In the process I hope you’ll see that I’ve fixed customer acquisition problems for contractors for years now and if you and I work together I’ll solve your issues too.

Start with visibility. Google places their main ad block at the top of every search result page.

In some markets there is a strip of 3-4 companies listed at the very top with green checkmarks in the ads. These are from the “Guaranteed By Google” program.

The Google ads are written to “get the click” on the ad because that’s how Google makes money. An advertiser only pays when someone clicks their ad, not for it appearing. That’s why they call it “pay per click” advertising. 

Since the ads are at or near the top of the page, they get a lot of visibility. Google decides who is going to appear at the top with an auction. But parts of their system, from the artificial intelligence to the algorithms play a part in your visibility.

There’s a lot of complexity to advertising successfully too. From sorting out the keywords you’re advertising on to how those keyword terms are searched.

Having a real Google Advertising expert, someone who can provide case studies and results, simplifies the process so you can get an ROI on your investment.

What We Do That Is Different

First, and critically important is that this is a done for you service. We’ll set up and run the entire process and your only job will be to pay Google for their ads and work with the homeowners are learning about your business and contacted you.

In this relationship you focus on sales and happy clients, we do the rest.

Our plan will be to run an aggressive ads campaign, using targeted exact match and phrase match keywords exclusively. This will shorten the time it takes to get calls and leads coming in.

In advertising, we’ll be sending those who click your ads to a landing page built exclusively for your business. This is to solve the #1 problem in online advertising. Most companies just send traffic to their website.

The prospect is looking for the thing that made him click the ad and if they don’t find it immediately (3-4 seconds) they hit the back button and are gone.

On a nearly-daily basis we’ll spend time grooming and massaging your ad campaigns to produce a routine stream of activity.

And when we’re done you’ll have in hand a formula for profitably producing all the customers you can serve because I’ll be working to learn the REAL cost per lead and the TRUE cost per sale.

When you know both numbers then you can instantly determine if your ads are profitable and if so – how profitable.

There’s one other huge benefit in all of this. You’ll be able to get more reviews of your work which is additional fuel for your campaigns.

Get Profitable Customers Quickly

But the bottom line in this is also true. Perhaps your hope in SEO is still alive and perhaps you don’t buy my argument that you MUST acquire customers by advertising for them.

Continue to believe it long enough and I’m guessing there won’t be enough sales for you to remain in business.

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