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Revealed: How To Get Roofing Customers For Your Business in 2019

I'm Pretty Sure You Know This Already...

If A Homeowner Searching On Google Doesn't See Your Business, To Them You Don't Exist!

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About the Webinar

Roofing Contractors today face pressures in getting customers that didn't exist 10 years ago. Just dealing with Google's changes alone can be a full time job. 

Throw in all of the liars and scammers calling and emailing you everyday promising to solve your online marketing headaches for you that never actually do - It can be depressing. 

In this webinar, I'll demonstrate that your Google problem can be solved -
you can get customers from the Internet

On This Webinar You'll Discover...

  • I’m going to separate the truth from the hype about what Google is doing - and how it is now or will soon affect you.
  • You’ll discover what MUST be done, now and in the near future to WIN customers on Google.
  • You'll understand that MORE VISIBILITY in Google’s front page is critical to your success - and how to get from where you are to massive visibility on Google.
  • Can you win on Google? Can you become one of your areas most visible, most credible and over time, THE most successful and top-ranked roofer in your city or town? Actually, you can. But with Google's use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), it's gotten harder (and more important) for you to do things correctly.

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