A High-Level Mastermind With 49 Roofing Business Owners All Working To Maximize Their Visibility, Proof of Quality and Silky-Smooth Sales Process So They Can Achieve Their Ultimate Outcomes

The "Roof Consortium" Mastermind, limited to 49 roofing business leaders/owners working together to expand results, increase profits, and pursue your ultimate outcomes. Consortium is a 10 month mastermind to convert your goals into realities with a custom plan, live and virtual events, tools, community and coaching to convert your Roofing Business into the undisputed market leader.

Who It’s For:

Consortium is for you if own and operate a roofing business with revenues of at least $2M /year. Business in this range often struggle with:

  • Attracting their exact “perfect prospect” so you take any roof job that pays
  • Being unique from competitors; instead of another “me too” roofer
  • Getting positioned as the area leader so you attract customers looking for your brand
  • Generating reviews equal to the quality of your services
  • Developing a “whisper-soft” selling process that doesn’t scare prospects off
  • Finding a peer-group of roofing business owners at or above your level so you can accomplish more

What Do Roofers Say?

"In less than 2 months, I'm getting leads and new customers already!"

"Scott, in less than 2 months, my site was completed and all the basic marketing was in place; I'm getting leads and new customers already!"

Calumn McKay Owner

"We had over 30 - #1 listings in the "3-pack""

Scott ran my Google ads and maps program for over 5 years; during that time we had over 30 - #1 listings in the "3-pack", after Hurricane Harvey I retired.

Jon Crawford Owner

"Scott helped us to do over $8M"

"Scott ran our online marketing for 5 years; We were #1 when a huge hail event struck Dallas, which helped our roofing business install 504 roofs and do over $8M."

Lee Williamson Owner

How It Works:

The Consortium Roofing Mastermind will help you transition from a contractor who dislikes complicated Internet marketing into a confident “master”, in control of your online roofing marketing and sales. We’ll accomplish this with:

  1. Your Own Custom Plan: 1 on 1 onboarding session with Scott Dennison your develop your plan for the year
  2. Live Events: Quarterly 2-day live events – two are in-person, and two are virtual via Zoom
  3. Event Recordings: All live events are recorded so you don’t can’t attend in person, you don’t miss out
  4. Tools: Understanding the tools required to build and optimize your marketing and business systems without going broke buying tools you don’t need
  5. Community: Slack community where you can hang out with 48 other roofing business leaders and build friendships and learn from others successes
  6. Group Coaching: 1x /monthly 2-hour Q&A call on Zoom where you can ask Scott Dennison your questions
  7. 1 on 1 Coaching: 1x /monthly 1-hour private coaching where you’ll meet with Scott Dennison on Zoom to work on your deepest challenges and solve them together
  8. Support: Get 24/7 support via the community or email/chat/calls with the team

How To Get Started:

Are you a roofing business owner with revenue of at least $2M /year?  Do you want to hang out and learn from 48 other roofing business leaders and expand results, profits, and your ultimate outcomes in your roofing company? 

Then schedule a call using the calendar below, and I, Scott A Dennison, will meet with you on Zoom to see if The Consortium Roofing Mastermind is a good fit for you and you are a good fit for us. If you have any questions, email me at scott@toprankedroofer.com.