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"It took about a month for Scott and his team to get our project built and to begin a Google Ads campaign; within a week I made my money back on the initial investment. Can't beat that." 

Dave Wallace, DMW Roofing

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Thank You For Scheduling A Brief “Get Acquainted” Call
We’re Confirmed

Scott A DennisonI understand how busy roofing contractors can be – and I also get it that “most” calls of this sort are nothing but a sales pitch.

Prepare yourself for something different.

I have no interest in selling you on hiring me or using my services. I run a very small marketing agency, catering exclusively to roofing contractors – and I’m severely outnumbered.

By that I mean there are more contractors who want to improve their marketing results than I can possibly serve.

So what will we use our 15-minute call for? I’d like to hear your story. I’d like to know how you’re marketing your roofing business now and how it’s going for you.

If your goals are aggressive and have so far been elusive – there’s a chance that I can help you finally achieve them. If there’s anything that roofers say about me it’s that I’ve been able to help them get results when others have tried and failed. But rather than me pitching and trying to sell you, I’m mostly interested in learning about you. If there’s a fit and we’re supposed to work together we’ll both know. However, neither of us will know until we speak.

Just remember – the call is free and there is no obligation for you to do anything at the end. I’m looking forward to speaking with you soon.

Hey Scott, With your help I made some changes to my site that has helped me get better rankings and more traffic! I would say I got about 30% more calls since following what you said about the importance of making my site mobile ready etc. Thank you for your help. ~Ollie Rodriguez

Until we speak, check out this short video to learn more about Top Ranked Roofer.com and check out some of our most popular posts.

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