VPS: Essential Internet Marketing
for Roofing Contractors

You're looking at the roofing industry's clearest, most impactful, yet simplified model that will help you take your business from busy, but lacking confidence in your marketing to being fully optimized in both your profits and your potential in your local marketplace. Read on for a full explanation of the process and the results others have achieved by implementing it. 

VPS Essential Internet Marketing - detailed

Whoa! Ok, You've Got My Attention, Please Explain This...

If you're looking at this page, I'll make some guesses as to why. My first guess is that you're a roofing contractor and make your living (at least to some degree) repairing and replacing roofs. I'd also guess that you're looking at sites like mine because you want or need to grow your business or maybe you're just trying to "get more control" of the deal flow in your business. 

If so, you're in good company; the vast majority of my roofing contractor clients since 2012 all found themselves "busy". Most made a good living. But they wanted more. So they were looking for solutions; ways to get ahead. And when it came to online or Internet marketing, they were very aware of it. wanted to master it and yet still found it difficult to understand. 

They hired experts. Invested in SEO. Spent time and money on social media. Some paid big dollar retainers for months on end just to get a website built. And that site failed to change things very much. In short, a lot of roofing contractors have found Internet marketing to be difficult and elusive. Finally, a solution is at hand. 

Introducing VPS:Essential Internet Marketing for Roofing Contractors

VPS: Essential Internet Marketing, is a complete system of education and coaching that consists of 3 Modules, one each to address issues with the:


And/or Proof…

And/or Your Sales Process…

Within each module are a series of video and/or audio lessons, each short and to the point, to help you accomplish one bite sized part of the project of positioning your business.

By following along with the lessons, then completing the exercises for each step, you can go from being invisible and lacking confidence on what works to marketing your roofing business online like a professional and getting incredible results.

When we are through with this process, you will have built a solid foundation under your business, increased your visibility to your ideal or perfect prospect, helped you assemble insurmountable proof that you will deliver excellent quality work and implemented a silky-smooth sales process that wins more roof jobs for you.

Even if your roofing firm is still new, we'll help you transition from having no online presence and help you to become one of the most visible, dominant roofers in your area.

We've worked EXCLUSIVELY with roofing contractors since 2012, so we already know the search keywords to pursue or advertise on. Our tools let us assess your competition so we can quickly find the best angle to beat your competitor.

Compare that with the agencies who waste months (and in many cases thousands of $$) doing keyword research. It often looks like the blind leading the blind. When you work with us, we'll take the fight to your competitor right away.

In one section of the materials, I'll show you how you can quickly and easily build a high-converting WordPress website. Never again will you need to hire a "web developer" who takes months to deliver a site at all.

And in many cases roofers told me the site they got didn't "move the needle" one bit. Tragic!

The website we'll help you create is very professional looking, uses pictures from your jobs and copy or words that are written, following our unique process. (Done-for-you copywriting is available for an extra fee) Duplicate content is never an issue for our clients, and when your website content is well written your neighbors will know that you're unique and offer more to value conscious prospects than your competition can.

And it's possible that I am the only one who can help you at this level. Let me tell you a bit of my story and you'll understand.

I'm a contractor’s kid myself and grew up with blue-collar working men eating at my table.

At 12 years old I was cleaning the office of my dad’s contracting firm to earn an allowance.

I learned to respect the intellect and work ethic of contractors. My work for almost 9 years now has been to solve the problems that roofers face trying to market their businesses.

More importantly, I could see when market conditions made life for my dad difficult; he wore it on his face like a bandana.

Today, I get so annoyed when roofing marketing experts are advocating for "temporary techniques" that waste time and money and still don't help you grow your business. Anything that hurts contractors, grinds my gears.

VPS: Essential Internet Marketing was created to SOLVE your business positioning issues once and for all.

I personally think that if tactics and techniques change monthly (which they do!), we should help our clients with fundamentals instead. The fact is that fundamentals, like blocking and tackling in football, provide permanent advantages that grow the longer you work at it.

When you invest in VPS: Essential Internet Marketing you can expect to learn…

Module One: Visibility

A few of the lessons include:

  • Your Perfect Prospect: Stop accepting "you'll do" customers who don't appreciate the value of your services and are always asking for lower prices.
  • Offline vs. Online: Your perfect prospect has a life that is both online and off. We'll help you extend your visibility to offline markets and give you opportunities you currently miss now.
  • 3rd Party Platforms: While "The Big 6" platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google, Apple and Instagram) provide outstanding opportunities, your lack of control over these sites leaves you at risk.
  • Your 'Perfect Platform': Any platform that you own, and control exclusively is your best bet. I'm talking about your website.
  • Uniqueness: Many websites built by web developers have 'stock' or 'duplicate' content on them and Google hates it. When they find such content, you lose visibility to other sites. We'll show you our exclusive process for getting the words for your site and position you as the top ranked roofer.

In module one, my plan is to help you move from frustration with online marketing to having complete confidence in attracting more of your perfect prospects online.

Module Two: Proof

A few of the lessons include:

  • Targeting The #1 Competitor: We'll discuss "targeting" and understanding why Google ranks one firm over another so you know what it will take to show your prospects Indisputable Proof.
  • Know Like Trust (KLT) Drives Sales: All the little things to consider in dropping "trust bombs" on your prospect that help your prospect know, like and/or trust your firm and your competitors can't match.
  • Problems with Reviews: Solving the biggest issue, getting the customer to actually review you.
  • What's the Ideal Review Score: Most companies pursue 5-Star reviews but not every review has to be perfect for you to seem extremely trustworthy to your prospects.

In module two we'll move from inconsistent growth in your reviews to piling up indisputable proof of quality, through a simplified process.

Module Three: Sales Process

A few of the lessons include:

  • It's a Journey - Be the Guide: Selling has changed, especially more so due to the Pandemic we've been living through. People love to buy and HATE to be sold.
  • Whisper Soft Selling: Educate your prospect about the quality, workmanship and value of your proposal and sell more jobs with higher margins.
  • Automatic Predisposition: A picture says 1000 words; you've heard that right? Using pictures, video, and carefully crafted words, you can help your prospect become predisposed to buy.

In module three, we'll help you and your firm outgrow its need for "sales closers" preferring instead to educate and lead your perfect prospect to buy with educational selling.

And so much more...

If that's all the system did for you and your roofing business, it'd be worth far more than I'm asking for it.  But like the Ginsu knife offers on TV, there is more…

Group coaching is included with the lessons because unanswered questions can lead to confusion. My objective is to see you move in a straight line toward your ultimate outcomes (HUGE Goals).

In a genuinely different "twist" on implementation of things, every new member will have access to my professional team on a discounted fee basis. So even if you 'understand' the lesson on building your website, you might still want someone to help you build yours.

My business is "results based" and many of the things we do are to innovate and bring solutions to long standing problems in this industry. During the pandemic years I even eliminated all "retainers" where we would bill a set amount monthly for work. Now if you need something from us, we'll tell you the price and bill you accordingly.

If you engage me in a conversation, I think you'll find I understand the roofing business well and have lots of proof that my work has helped contractors to profit.

In the years since this business was founded (in 1998), I've never a customer file a complaint with anyone or ask to charge back any fees we've billed for our work. And dozens of roofing companies, large and small have benefited since 2012.

Taking Complicated and Confusing and Simplifying It

My premise, and my promise to you, is to help you understand that Google and many of their agents have taken the process of a roofer getting work and made it incredibly complicated.

If you’ve been in roofing a while, you may recall the simplicity of Yellow Page advertising. It was EASY for business owners to use and was widely used by consumers until around 2002.

Once the Internet began to take over, we soon started seeing individuals with no credentials become highly compensated experts. But the experts complicated things and that complexity led to confusion with what was real. Meanwhile contractors everywhere were paying monthly retainers for advice that produced little to no value.

It’s possible that you know the story intimately – perhaps you’ve even bought a story or two like this along the way from someone.

If you’re still engaging with people about SEO and social media and buying services in that space, it’s possible that you also need to buy 3rd party leads too.

And no matter how much of these activities you do, until you “position” your business as the best company to choose in the area, you’ll continue to need to buy leads from others.

I’ve already told you that activities like SEO or social media, often do not work. And that such behavior “grinds my gears”. If you join me on one of the group calls, you’ll probably hear me get animated over things like this…

For me, frustration leads me to act, and as more ‘experts’ insisted that there were 200 or so factors that Google pays attention to in ranking sites, and “all you have to do is manage these 200 things to succeed”, I took a picture I was seeing in mind during my quiet time and wrote it down.

This is where the idea for VPS came from. Let me show you.

Do you remember an old TV show called “Name That Tune”? The idea was to guess the song title with the least number of clues or notes from the song.

I’ll explain the picture above in a minute, but because I am a student of “The 80/20 Formula”, where a few essential actions create most of the results you’ll get, I rejected the "200 things to manage” idea and found I could get incredible results by focusing on just 3 major functions.

Then there is a “bonus level” (pictured in orange) which can help you to be the most dominant roofer in your market without worrying about Google at all.

I said it earlier but here’s the three areas for you to focus on to resolve your online marketing issues permanently.

Visibility - (or a lack of it). If your perfect prospect is searching for a roofer online or offline and they do not see your business, you cannot get the job. Because you're invisible.

Proof - (not enough or too many poor reviews). If I can "see" you, I'll want to know if I can trust you or not. Your prospect cares very little about your claims and very deeply what your last customer said about working with you. Reviews are critical.

Sales Process - (can you get me involved?) If you're visible and have solid proof of excellence, you should end up with a chance to earn the sale. Can you get the prospect involved without closing them? People today love to buy and HATE to be sold.

If you will maintain your focus on becoming visible, piling up proof that you really can do an excellent job for your customer, and refining your sales process so that you can get me involved without pressuring me, you’ll find that everything begins to work easier.

It looks a lot like this:

Enroll in VPS: Essential Internet Marketing, and you can expect to move from “frustrated and needing more leads” to confident and booking lots of new sales.

Here's How To Get Involved

Although I have served roofing contractors exclusively for 8+ years now and while it’s true that dozens of roofing companies have hired me over the years to find solutions to their marketing issues – turning the information into a course is HARD work.

To make this the highest value offer you’ve ever seen for materials and training like this, I’ve elected to create a few of the core parts of the system in advance – but the majority of the lessons will be created on live training sessions.

This means that the information will be fresh and when it’s created can address your specific questions and issues.

After much discussion and debate internally, I’ve also decided to make you an irresistible offer for the complete VPS: Essential Internet Marketing system, so that money is not a valid reason for missing out on the program.

I look at investing in things like training in an unusual way. Many roofing contractors, if they’re operating with even minimal efficiencies, will earn $3000-4000 on a roof replacement job.

And I’d suggest to you that if the only thing you ever learned from me, was contained in the FREE Cheat Sheet for getting more 5-Star Reviews, that you would easily sell at least one more roof job in the next year.

And I’d further suggest to you that if you took this seriously and invested reasonable time into learning the materials and implementing them into your operations, you’d sell at least one more roof job per MONTH.

Once we complete the Beta launch, the investment in the VPS: Essential Internet Marketing system will be $2495-$2995.

But if you are ready, willing, and able to invest your time into working through this, I am willing to invest my time and knowledge to help you succeed.

The initial group of students, limited to 25 participants, will be able to own the VPS: Essential Internet Marketing system for only $995 – or two payments of $550, spaced 30-days apart.

And if my thought is correct and you’ll easily learn to attract new clients and sell more roofing, the return on your investment is massive. We’ll fill up quickly, so don’t miss your chance.