When You Market and Run Your Roofing Business with Confidence, You'll Sell Ideal Clients On-Demand and 
Repair and Replace More Roofs!

VPS Essential Internet Marketing for Roofers training consists of 3 modules each containing the individual and self-paced lessons to help you to gain visibility with high-quality homeowners, build indisputable levels of proof that your work is excellent, and develop a silky smooth sales process. When done, ideal prospects with roofing problems will be coming to you - instead of you chasing them - with predictability and high ROI.

We help the $500K to $5MM Roofing Business to:

  • Be highly visible to his ideal prospect 
  • Gather indisputable levels of proof that work quality is excellent 
  • Develop a silky-smooth sales process that leaves prospects pre-disposed to buy.

Complete / implement VPS and never need to buy leads again. 

Who It’s For:

VPS is for you if you’re a roofing contractor or roofing business owner with at least $500,000 per year in revenue. You should be known as an expert roofer with a high-degree of concern for your customers and the result they get from hiring you.

If this is you, it’s possible you’re still struggling with gaining visibility in search engines, getting and maintaining the proof prospects need to know they’re safe in hiring you or getting people involved at high-enough levels to achieve your goals/ultimate outcomes (closing the sale).

What VPS Essential helps them achieve:

VPS will, in 10 weeks or less, help you achieve the following:

  • Build a foundation under your business that makes the firm more valuable because it’s built on rock, not sand.
  • Resolve the issues in your visibility that prevent your site from being shown to searchers more often and begin generating leads from your website, instead of buying leads from someone else.
  • Help you run paid advertising like a professional investor. With my “Leads in a Week” model you’ll be advertising to perfect prospects, quickly.
  • Gather insurmountable proof of your quality and install a process to get more high-quality reviews easily.
  • Help you tweak and refine your selling process that helps your prospect become ‘pre-disposed’ to buy without you aggressively having to “close them”.

What Do Roofers Say?

"In less than 2 months, I'm getting leads and new customers already!"

"Scott, in less than 2 months, my site was completed and all the basic marketing was in place; I'm getting leads and new customers already!"

Calumn McKay Owner

"We had over 30 - #1 listings in the "3-pack""

Scott ran my Google ads and maps program for over 5 years; during that time we had over 30 - #1 listings in the "3-pack", after Hurricane Harvey I retired.

Jon Crawford Owner

"Scott helped us to do over $8M"

"Scott ran our online marketing for 5 years; We were #1 when a huge hail event struck Dallas, which helped our roofing business install 504 roofs and do over $8M."

Lee Williamson Owner

How It Works:

“VPS: Essential Internet Marketing” can help you transform your business in these unique ways:

Content: Live and recorded video training with step-by-step instructions (no detail is missed).
Tools: Understand all the tools used in better marketing and to build, test, maintain, and optimize all business systems with the lowest recurring costs possible.
Community: A Slack community filled with peers on the same journey you’re on.
Coaching: 2x 2-hour monthly Q&A group calls on Zoom where you can ask questions and get answers.
One-on-One Coaching: 30 minutes per month (4 sessions) one on one with me, Scott A Dennison, where we’ll resolve your visibility, proof and sales process issues, guaranteed.

How To Get Started:

  1. If you’re an expert roofing contractor with an existing business with at least $500,000 per year in revenue…
  2. And you’re interested in resolving the issues that presently exist in over 95% of contractor’s businesses…
  3. Resolving them can lead to the sale of more roof repairs and roof replacement jobs and running your roofing business with more confidence…
  4. Then schedule a call using the calendar below, and I, Scott A Dennison, will meet with you on Zoom to see if VPS is a good fit for you. If you have any questions, email me at scott@toprankedroofer.com.

If you’d like more info on VPS: Essential Internet Marketing for Roofing Contractors click here.