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Almost every roofing contractor, either residential or commercially focused knows they are dependent on the Internet as part of their customer acquisition model.

It was over 5 years ago now that Roofing Contractor Magazine declared that over 80% of all roofing purchases involved online research.

Yet, in conversations I have regularly, I find a large percentage of roofers who need customers and are hungry to attract them are currently invisible in search engines. Big problem.

In fact, for most roofing companies, the game is over at this point. I’ll explain more in a minute.

As I am writing this I’m thinking of the faces of those who want, badly, to be the dominant roofer in their marketplace. They’re ethical, do quality work and are hungry to grow a BIG roofing business.

Why? Pride! To have a way that allows me to achieve all my goals, is so compelling, right? Even more than mere goals, it’s achieving those “Ultimate Outcomes” that you’ve dreamed of as long as you can remember that drive you.

To provide for your family all of those little things that offset some of the sacrifice they’re making while you’re working to build your legacy.

All of those people who search online for a roofer have a problem to solve. Often their roof is leaking, they don’t know where or why and they are afraid of this small spot on the ceiling being a huge and expensive issue.

The largest search engine, Google was built to provide the “best” answer to the search query. Years of technology combined with science helps them organize and display the contractors that offer help to the homeowner best.

And your prospect rarely looks at any of the search results beyond those that appear on page one. So as I said already, if you’re invisible on the first page of search results, you don’t exist to this potential buyer.

You might as well not be in business at all.

Being invisible in search may even have you signing up with shared lead generation sites like ANGI;
with shared lead sources, your work is a commodity – and you’re asked regularly to cut your margins to compete. Right?

Prospects from these sites seek low prices more than quality work. How does that help you?

However, if you are found among the search listings, your next challenges presents itself immediately. Because if you’re an option for me to choose, I will want and need to hear from your previous customers and what they think of the quality of your work.

If you’ve been in business awhile customers will expect you to have reviews, so if you don’t have many, it breaks the trust a bit. If too many of the reviews are negative about your work, your opportunity will end quickly.

But if you’re visible and have solid proof of quality the last major challenge you face will be in “selling” your prospect on working with you.

The issue we all face in 2021 is that people love to buy but hate to be sold. If you’re still among the competitors, your homeowner will want to get involved without you have to “close” them.

Maybe at this point you are frustrated and wondering if anyone can really help. It’s common for roofers to be unsure and uncertain about what actually works.

Just know this – all of this is only partly your fault. There have been a lot of forces pushing against your success. The good news is that I’ve resolved these problems for contractors for years now. If it’s a fit for us to work together, your resolution will come quickly.

The Top Ranked Roofer Plan For Easily Winning Roofing Jobs

be visible to your ideal client

Be Visible To Your Ideal Prospect

To catch "ideal" prospects, you must be visible to your ideal prospect. If they can't find you, they can't call you or hire you. When you're invisible online basically, you don't exist.

top ranked roofer helps contractors prove their value

Prove Your Value

Firms that are visible need to prove they provide quality work. Your prospect cares what customers say about you more than anything your marketing says about you.

VPS helps me to buy without being sold

Help Me To Buy From You

Your "ideal" prospect wants to buy AND hates "to be sold". Educate and guide them to be predisposed to buy from you and destroy your competition.

Are you doing the same things over and over again, hoping for and expecting different results?

You Can Transform Your Results With Top Ranked Roofer

  1. You’ll build a solid marketing presence online and you’ll become visible to your “ideal, value-conscious prospect”
  2. With my “X-ray Eyes”, you’ll know exactly who will give you high-value reviews
  3. Your indisputable proof of quality work will make you the obvious choice
  4. You’ll STOP buying low-quality, price motivated-leads and instead you’ll discover who your exact “perfect client” is and attract them
  5. Begin to develop a rock-solid selling system that educates prospects and helps you win more sales

By definition, delivering shingles to a job you sold is a “real result”.

loading in shingles to your new customer is a real result from your roofing contractor marketing

It’s Time For You To Achieve Real Results

Canvassing, door knocking and referrals will only get you so far. Remember, most of the prospective roof buyers look online to discover and do due diligence on local roofing companies.

If you’re invisible, the game ends there.

If I can see you – do I like what I see? Are your previous customers delighted or angry?

Many roofers are dismissed due to a lack of proof or proof that doesn’t validate your work. At this point, the contractors still in consideration will have their sales skills tested.

Old school “closers” will always get their share of business but most homeowners today don’t want to be “sold”. Can you make buyers “predisposed” to buy from you to the degree that they believe buying from you was THEIR idea?

YES – Our VPS Transformation resolves all three of these issues permanently.

Foundation -We’ll develop a solid foundation to build your campaigns on, solving ownership and access issues permanently.

Visibility – Whether it is online or offline, we’ll help you become visible to your ideal customer, so they can consider you as an option for their job.

Proof – If you’re visible. prospects will be very interested in what your past customers say. We’ll help you to build indisputable proof of excellence.

Sales Process – Your customer loves to buy but hates to be sold. We’ll help you refine your process so customers think buying from you was their idea.

Confidently Get More Roof Sales, Fast

Stop wasting weeks and months of time waiting for your marketing experts to get you the results you require.

In less than 90 days you can begin to enjoy the visibility, solid proof and highly refined sales process, clients of Top Ranked Roofer have received.

Your VPS Total Transformation Takes You From Frustrated and Needing More Leads to Confident With Lots of New SalesVPS from Top Ranked Roofer causes confidence to soar

If you’re a roofing contractor and have tried to get your Online Marketing to produce reliable, predictable results, you’re in the right place. I’m about to show you examples of what a major transformation and “real results” looked like to others in your industry.

Most freelance consultants and agency owners sell services that are old and obsolete or unproven. Or they sell lead generation services.

Instead of selling you a real result, like jobs sold and shingles being delivered to the job – they want you to spend money on things like SEO and social media marketing. If you do it’s critical that you believe that progress is the same as results.

In fact, you only need to accomplish 3 things to achieve your Internet marketing goals and objectives. All the other things that online marketing experts provide, complicates the simplicity of what really works.

If your ideal prospect cannot find you in search, you cannot make the sale. Why? Because to that prospect, you’re invisible. Essentially, to that homeowner, you don’t exist.

 If you are visible and easy to find,  people want to hear what your previous customers have said about you. I’m talking about reviews. Google reviews mainly.  If the prospect doesn’t like what people have said, your opportunity ends without you getting a legitimate shot at the business.

 Lastly, your business will rise or fall on your ability to win more sales. The problem is that people today hate to be sold. The good news is that they still LOVE to BUY.  Imagine instead your sales team follows a proven framework that helps homeowners trust you so much that when they buy, they thought it was their idea!

Any Of The Below Issues Impact Your Results, We’ll
Resolve All Of Them For You – Fast!

  1. Your “Weak” Foundation Will Be Hardened and Reinforced For Stability
  2. Lack of Visibility Issues are Identified and Fixed So Prospects Find You in Search
  3. You’ll Receive Proprietary Training and “X-Ray” Vision On How To Get More Google Reviews
  4. I’ll Share Our “Educational Selling” System That Eliminates The Need For High-pressure Sales Tactics

In 90 Days or Less, Your Powerful New Marketing System Will Be Generating New Sales and Roof Jobs

The Next Step Is Up To You

If you scanned the page to the bottom looking for the price or the buy button, there isn’t one. We only can work with a small percentage of all the roofers in North America (US and Canada).

Because we are a small operation, we speak with every prospective client to ensure there is a fit for both of us. Click the button below to get started.

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"It took about a month to get our project up and running; within a week I made my money back on the initial investment. Can't beat that."

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"Scott ran our online marketing for 5 years; We were #1 when a huge hail event struck Dallas, which helped our roofing business install 504 roofs and do over $8M."

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"Scott, in less than 2 months, my site was completed and all the basic marketing was in place; I'm getting leads and new customers already!"

Scott A DennisonI’m Scott A Dennison and I’ve resolved expensive online marketing issues for dozens of roofing contractors for more than 10 years.

My Dad was a contractor so I’d seen the struggle for jobs up close.

I went into sales and IMMEDIATELY saw the potential of selling online. When the Internet arrived in the late ’90s, I started my first online business.

Sadly, it failed miserably. I had hoped to succeed at online marketing but could not figure it out on my own.

So if you’re trying to attract customers beyond ‘word-of-mouth’ referrals by buying leads, doing social media, SEO, etc., and it’s not working as you hoped, I understand.

The good news is that in my next attempt, with the right information and the help of a coach when I had questions, I broke through!

Since 2009, I’ve helped clients get so much value they remain as clients for years.  I’ve also published 2 books on marketing!