A Little Mistake That Cost A Roofing

Contractor $25K Per Year

 Instead of spending money on SEO and online marketing that didn't bring in results, isn't bringing in new revenue, and wasted a boatload of money, his first step should be to get INSURANCE

A few months ago, I began working with a new client that's built a $5MM business over the last 10 or so years. However, very few of his sales came from his website. 

The contractor, let's call him Mike, feels that there is another $2-5 million in sales available in his market from people searching for a roofer online. He also wanted to be able to take a few jobs from his competition, if possible.

It's not like Mike hasn't tried to make this work; he's hired several SEO experts work for him previously, but it didn't really produce much. Can you relate?

They've tried writing articles and posting stuff to Facebook or Instagram. They've even tried to make and share some fun videos on TikTok. Very little of that stuff seemed to work.

As Mike, his wife, and I sat talking about their goals and challenges, there were a lot of emotions. Previous SEOs persuaded them that "with a bit more SEO" they would find themselves on top of search results in their town. It never happened.

Mike knew some of the other roofing company business owners I'd worked with and knew that I'd helped them with their online lead generation. Our original conversation was about helping them to increase leads and when it came time to make them an offer, I suggested a completely different path. I said: "we need to audit what already is done and see if it has errors in it, before doing anything else".

The Roofer Who Responds to Top Ranked Roofer

Because there are so many different types of men and women who make their living as roofers, early on, we tried to serve a select type of roofing company.

I'd guess that 90% of the folks I've helped were men, but there are a few fabulous female roofers and you gals rock!

  • Their businesses are largely in North America, 95% in the US, with a concentration in the south where roofing goes on year round.
  • Many of the owners are godly types who'll even put people ahead of their profit when the situation calls for it.
  • They are successfully marketing now, doing $3-5M in annual sales but they have concerns if they're "dialed in" and reaching their "perfect prospect". Most will admit that is a weakness.
  • To make their numbers work, they're open to buying leads from Facebook or Angi but knowing that many of those are bad leads, they'd rather generate their own.

So, over coffee I told them how most SEO and roofing marketing experts are incompetent. They will offer to "fix" your sites for you, but they often end up fixing things that aren't broken. Which in the end, delivers no result.

In some cases, the expert claims to be working on things and sending bills monthly but the reports are vague at best. And results they were told, "take time".

I asked about the "experts" they'd met and if any of them wanted to work on a monthly retainer? Mike said his guy was getting paid monthly, and results were unclear. This seasoned roofing couple quickly began to understand that you could easily end up paying a lot of money for undefined results, or in some cases no results at all.

At one point I asked: "if I were your doctor and we were discussing your health - and without an examination, I started writing prescriptions for you - wouldn't I be committing malpractice?"

They said YES.  A better plan, I told them was to have us conduct a deep dive 'audit' into your online profile so that you know the condition of your online profile. This is akin to the doctor doing an exam before trying to send you off for surgery.

The Simple Truth About Internet Marketing

Explained as simply as I can, everything online today starts with visibility - and if you're not visible to your ideal prospect when they need a roofer, you don't exist (as a choice for them).

The amount of money spent by small businesses buying backlinks and SEO that is supposed to make your site rank is ASTOUNDING. Millions of dollars per month are spent that cannot be recovered. And both dollars and time, once spent, are gone forever.

But why is this happening? Are people so dishonest today that they will lie, cheat, and steal instead of offering a legitimate service?

Truthfully, there probably are some liars and cheats in every business. Certainly, you know of competitors who don't always put the customer first, right?

There are others who work every day to "kill" their competitors (in sales, NOT literally). One I'm thinking of has invested much of his life in building systems that help his customers that make it nearly impossible for his competition to keep up. At one point last year, he was closing 80% of his leads. That's not luck either - it's pure salesmanship and strategy.

The Truth About Search Engine Marketing

We discussed the fact that Google owns and controls the search engine that most people use, and as business owners we are not a priority in how G runs their business. They only care about the searcher, as they're the ones clicking on ads and generating revenue for the business.

As a business owner, we just have to try and understand what they're doing. Avoiding all the shiny objects and their super sexy promises is hard. And it's a fact that the info that collects on the web about your business almost always has factual errors in it.

What if the business name has changed and the name Google has on file is incorrect? Or if the phone listed is one of your old ones? Or the website is wrong because your site was replaced 2 years ago?

Now Google, since they control the search engine, gets to decide who will be visible to searchers.

They are using a composite "quality score", in conjunction with artificial intelligence to decide which business ranks where. When a local search comes in, their systems sift and sort and in less than 1 second display results to the searcher. Google believes that these results are representative of the "best" companies for the area being searched.

 What's really happening is that the higher ranking websites have less errors and therefore a higher quality score.

Is Insurance Available to Protect Me Against This?

Actually, yes there is, but it's not a policy sold by Geico or anything. The key is to do an audit FIRST, before doing any linking or SEO. This prevents you from spending money on marketing that isn't likely to help your visibility.

When we conduct a deep dive audit, we'll review all aspects of your online profile, looking for why search engines don't rank your pages as well as you'd like them to.  We'll uncover the essential issues in your online profile that cause search engines to hide your site from view.

With all of the issues identified, your team can work on fixing them, and once they do fix them, (all of them, not just some of them) you can expect significant boosts in your search results.

Will Strickland ~ Bryton Roofs

There is a lot to digest... This audit is impressive!

What will your audit uncover and what results (ROI) can you expect?

First, we'll evaluate your positioning with your ideal prospect. This often leads to attracting and selling this type of prospect more, and sometimes a lot more often. Here's to less tire kickers and more ideal prospects!


We'll check for visibility in Google organic search, Google Maps, Guaranteed by Google, Google's 3-Pack Listings, Facebook etc. If someone searches online and cannot find your business, to that person, you don’t exist. If you're invisible or don't exist to your perfect prospect, you can't earn their business.


We'll evaluate your website for technical issues and errors and show you exactly what to fix to increase your rankings. One example is when pages aren't 'indexed' by Google correctly your prospective customers can't find those pages when they search your site. This means an important part of your story might be left out.

Another example is when the company doesn't have an easy way for people to contact you or inquire, sales are lost. We fixed a situation just like this recently and the roofer picked up almost 100 new roof replacement leads in 3 months from his existing website traffic.

There are at least 9 more areas we'll dig around in looking for errors, including:

  • HTTP Link on HTTPS Page - All pages and page elements should be secure
  • No-Index - Pages important to your site but are missing from Google
  • Title Tags - The essential data that tells Google where YOU want to rank
  • Meta Description Tags - in search, this info is your ad - your chance to sell
  • Internal Broken Images - Are pictures missing from your pages?
  • Images Missing ALT Tags - This makes your site handicap accessible
  • H1 Heading Issues - These are important guides for readers to follow
  • Site Speed Issues - If your site isn't lightning fast, people will leave.
  • and more...

But we are nowhere close to being done. We're also going to review your:

KEYWORD RANKINGS: We'll provide you with your current rankings on the most important keywords for a roofing contractor in your market.

CONTENT OPTIMIZATION & STRUCTURE: A "insiders" tip on content is that Google would like your content to be more robust (longer and more pictures) than your competitor. It cannot be duplicated from other trademarked pages.

DOMAIN AUTHORITY: This is a "score" that, while not an official Google number gives us a great sense of how strong Google thinks your site is. When two sites are equal in most respects the higher Domain Authority (DA) prevails.

CONVERSION ELEMENTS: Most sales organizations know that if you want to make the sale, you have to ask for the sale. Countless websites fail to have an easy way for prospects to ask for an inspection or quote. Is yours one of them?

ENGAGEMENT LEVELS: When prospects find and visit your site, how engaged are they? First, we'll ensure that Google Analytics is properly installed; if it is, you'll gain "too good to be true" information to help you serve and sell more of your prospects.

Who Am I, and Why Listen to Me?

My name is Scott A Dennison, and I was trained as a business consultant who worked for a time at a large midwestern small business consulting firm.

But for years prior to that, I worked with professional speakers and in 1998, led a team that created the first streaming audio application for motivational content on the internet.

In the process I learned at a deep level how to market my own business online. It's been a valuable education for me to have.  After selling my interest in that firm I started another one where we helped small business quickly, easily, and affordably add video to their websites.

Then in 2009, the US was in a recession and other business owners were beginning to have questions about online marketing. I was asked if I could help them.

In 2012, I received a call from a roofing contractor who was struggling, and I've never looked back. In the last 10 years I've worked for or with dozens of roofing contractors, some of them with engagements lasting 5 or more years.

It's been about 25 years that we've lived with the internet and companies like Google have been around almost as long, and I've worked for years too to help roofers to get real results from their marketing.

Dave Wallace - DMW roofingScott built a new website for us and ran advertising for it; within a week I made my money back on the initial investment. Can’t beat that.” ~ Dave Wallace, DMW Roofing

What Do You Get When You Order Your Audit?

First, we'll complete the deep-dive audit. About 2 weeks after you order, we'll deliver to you a 30-40 page .PDF report where you will see every issue affecting your results all in one place. I'll also provide a written "diagnosis" of what I think needs to be fixed for your rankings to soar. 

You also receive a FREE, 1-hour review and STRATEGY SESSION of the material and together we'll develop a customized strategy with your data. With this in hand, it'll feel like you have found a legal loophole, opening the way for you to achieve rankings you've only dreamed of.            

This is true "business intelligence", that will allow you to make much more accurate business decisions that maximize your daily effectiveness and with it your profits.

You'll be winning more and better jobs, while your competitors that don't have this info about their business will be shooting in the dark and wasting both their time and their money seeking better rankings.

Your 1 hour strategy session will be with Internet Strategist and consultant, Scott A Dennison; he'll review your data with you, get your questions answered and chart your course for success.  

Mr. Dennison was the creative energy behind some of America's biggest online turnaround stories. He's known as the developer of a results based (vs retainer based) marketing model for roofing contractors and has authored two books on online marketing for small business.

If you've hired other marketing experts, you may already know that there is a competency problem in the roofer marketing industry. Many of those in it are INCOMPETENT.

If you hire the wrong one, thousands of dollars can quickly be spent, often with little to no results.

But when you start your journey to getting better rankings with Top Ranked Roofer's Transformational audit, you can quickly increase your site's quality score, which will likely result in a boost in rankings across the board.

There are, in almost every case, NO MORE than a half dozen areas, that if not done the way Google wants, can prevent your business from showing up locally in search (It's their search engine, we just get to play in it).

This lack of visibility costs you thousands of dollars every time a homeowner buys a roof from your competitor. The good news is that fixing these issues can propel your roofing business to the top of Google search in your town. If only you could find them, that is.

How Does the Broken Stuff Get Fixed?

Once your audit is completed and we've reviewed the results with you, nothing will happen if you don't fix the errors in the profile.

Many of our clients have a team that already helps them. Ordering an audit doesn't mean you'd need to eliminate your trusted team members. We're going to provide you a complete list of what needs to be fixed and if your group has the skills to make the changes, we let them.

But, what if we show you issues that are beyond the core competence of your team?

We have a team that can and will help you. Yes, you'd pay my team just like you need to pay your team but to create certainty, we'll provide you a fixed price (not hourly, weekly, or monthly) and when you say, GO, we'll knock the changes out quickly.

More Benefits from Your VPS Audit

  • You'll discover how to effortlessly sell more roof jobs (The real world intelligence you'll gain about why your marketing isn't working perfectly now will make it easy for you to dominate local competitors)
  • You'll determine who your perfect prospect is and begin attracting them with incredible accuracy… so you never again pursue "one-legged", tire kicking, wanna-be prospects
  • You'll unleash the buying desires of your perfect prospect. The result: Your prospect is pre-disposed to buy from you while ignoring and ghosting your competition
  • You'll get a list showing all of the technical issues your online profile contains; fix them and see monster-sized increases in search rankings
  • You'll discover the amazing "Lazy Roofer's shortcut" to marketing your business online that takes every budget dollar captive and forces it to line your pockets with cash
  • You can skip months and years of frustration; of money spent and time wasted paying for linking services that fail to produce results for you. (We'll provide you with the real "insider info" about what is causing your results)
  • You'll move like lightning through the 3 stages of roofer marketing; from invisible in market to online domination (All because you know exactly what you need to do to clobber key competitors)
  • You'll never again have to ask yourself if the money you're investing in marketing is profitable or is instead a giant money loser (because you will have a game plan to follow that has you winning all the time)
  • Increasing your Quality Score will likely result in a boost in rankings across the board because you eliminate site-wide penalties you didn't even know you had

Here's What to Do Next...

My offer is that I will find EVERY ONE of the things that prevent your business website from ranking well in Google so your team can fix them for you, once and for all. Your investment for an audit is a mere $975. I don't need to tell you that this is a small portion of the profit you'd make on ONE typical roof job. 

If we audit and find your team can't  make the necessary changes, my team can get those issues fixed, guaranteed!

If you're committed to your own excellence, then you know that you're the one who must DECIDE to resolve your Google visibility issues. I want to come along side and help you.

Instead of just spending money, following a "blind guide" and hoping to gain advantage in search engine placement, why not get your online profile audited FIRST?  Let us uncover for you, every big and little thing that keeps Google from wanting to show your site to local searchers.

If you're ready to get your hands on this priceless information, click this link

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P.S. If you're currently paying someone to boost your SEO and are not sure your rankings are improving, then STOP and get your website profile audited. Often the SEO guys command a $2000-5000/mo. retainer for SEO, so an audit is like insurance against doing work that won't improve your results.

P.P.S. When mistakes exist in your online profile, Google just removes you from search results to protect their reputation. If your team knew how to find these issues, don't you think they'd have done it already?

Protect your business online - order your VPS Transformational Audit today by clicking here:  


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