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Let me fix 1 error in your site that's affecting your web site's ranking

"Scott ran my Google ads and maps program for over 5 years; during that time we had over thirty #1 listings in the "3-pack".

Owner, Sugar Land Roofing Services

Let me guess … 

  • You've tried doing SEO on your own
  • You were probably hoping to get on page 1 in organic search
  • You've paid "experts" to help you.
  • You've blogged and blogged with nothing to show for it
  • You've bought back links 

And you're still stuck on page 2, 3 and beyond in search 

The problem is:

You're trying to beat Google at their own game - don't do that! 

It'll never work. 

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Hi, I'm Scott and I can help you boost your roofing business search rankings - guaranteed

Here's how we do it:

We'll audit your online profile

1. We'll audit your online profile

We fix the old broken info

2. Then we fix what's broken

Boost your results

3. Finally, we boost your rankings affordably and sustainably without you ever paying a monthly retainer. 

What does a "1 FREE Ranking Boost" Conversation Look Like?

1. We'll schedule a 30-minute call

2. I'll review your website for FREE and show you 1 obvious thing that's hurting your rankings.

3. I'll show you how to fix it, right there on the call.

What is a 3-Pack Listing?

And why is it so important?

Because of mobile,  the 10 Blue Links (organic search) are waaaay down the page.

Everyone used to think "that's the free SEO"... 

But… the page is so long, your prospect will never get there - so you might as well be on Page 2

Now, you need to rank in Google Maps or buy an ad at the top.

Let me help put search in your favor. 

"You did it! I am in the 3-pack!"

M. Sanchez


Compared to your typical "experts" who demand monthly retainers …

My income comes from helping people get results quickly so we don't waste your time and you don't spend too much. 

Dave Wallace - DMW roofing

~ Dave M. Wallace


"It took about a month for Scott to build our project and begin running ad campaigns; within a week I made my money back on the initial investment. Can’t beat that."

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Reviews for "One Free Boost"

“There's a lot of info - This is impressive”

Will Strickland

Scott, This is solid - in only a couple of months our rankings are improving!"

Jack Cottrell

"I learn something every time we talk on the phone!"

William Thomas