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  • The TopRankedRoofer Website Audit helps you to make more roof sales because you’ll know what’s causing you to miss sales now.
  • We’re going to complete a full-spectrum analysis of your business online profile and tell you exactly where you stand.
  • The Audit is a massive value at $279, but if you’re one of the first twenty to request yours, you’ll be able to name your own price. What’s the value to YOU? 

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Visibility Audit

(If someone searches online and cannot find your business, to that person you don’t exist)

TECHNICAL AUDIT: We’ll check site speed, website security (SSL certificate), mobile readiness, critical on-page SEO tags, and Google uptake rates.

LOCAL VISIBILITY: Google My Business, which shows on the first page of every search is critical to your efforts to attract local customers.

KEYWORD RANKING: We’ll do a dive deep into your keyword rankings for both organic SEO terms as well as those terms that rank in Google’s Maps and Google My Business platforms.

CONTENT OPTIMIZATION & STRUCTURE: We’ll assess the key pages on your web site to make sure your content is unique and not a duplicate of someone else’s page.

DOMAIN AUTHORITY: When two sites are equal in quality scores that Google uses to rank pages, they’ll list the one with higher authority first. We’ll show you how you compare to your competitors now.

Proof Audit

(Homeowners care little about your claims of excellent work; they care a lot about what your previous customers said about the experience)

SOCIAL PROOF and REVIEWS: Your website MUST have plenty of social proof, including easy-to-find customer reviews, job photos, etc. Your proof must be indisputable.

CONVERSION: Getting visitors to your site doesn’t help if the visitor doesn’t convert to a prospect or lead for you. There is a good bit of science involved in converting visitors to leads. How are you doing?

ENGAGEMENT: We’ll look at how interesting, unique, and easy to navigate your website is. The length of time someone stays after visiting you is a major Google ranking factor.

Sales Process Audit

(If you’re visible and your proof checks out, can you get me involved without having to hard sell me?)

USE OF CALLS TO ACTION: Your audit will have us check the placement and effectiveness of your call to action.

STRUCTURED SALES PROCESS: A structured sale has changed over the years, now we educate versus attempting to sell. We’ll see how well your presentation leads to “predisposed to buy” prospects.