The Gold Mine And The Shovel


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A story is told of a man who, while exploring his property one day, discovered that the boarded up cave in the back was actually the entrance to an abandoned gold mine.

He pulled back the boards and walked in and when he shone a light found that this mine was still filled with gold.

Quietly, day after day, he was digging and filling wheel barrows with the ore and sifting, sorting and processing the gold into riches for he and his family.

After some months of this he realized that there was no end in sight of the gold in his mine so he approached his friend and neighbor to tell him of his good fortune. More importantly, he invited his friend to get his wheel barrow and shovel and join him in the digging.

His friend, however, did not look so happy with the proposition. He replied, “I don’t have a wheel barrow or a shovel.” But the man said, “Then get one.”

His friend replied, “No, they cost too much.”

Such is the life of business leaders today – one sees the opportunity to improve their marketing and starts mining for gold, while another, focused solely on what they don’t have, insists they can’t afford to improve their marketing.

Done right, using a direct response approach to marketing, my clients invest a dollar and get $3, $5, $10 or more dollars in return for their investment. Some would say that’s a ‘no-brainer’, while others would say “I don’t have the dollar.”

For many of my clients, the most important thing I do for them is generate leads. That is the deliverable I promise and I’ve got a growing reputation for over delivering. One client has been averaging just under 20 leads per month from my work of which he typically sells about 1 in 3.

The average sale is in the high five figures, and he is generating an ROI of more than $30 for every dollar he’s investing in his marketing. Do you think he’s planning to stop anytime soon? In fact, he told me this week that he intends to expand his marketing (again) soon.

Where do you see yourself in a story like this? Are you more like the man who happily invests in his marketing and is hauling away loads of gold or are you like the guy who has no shovel and thinks that the cost of getting one is too high?

If you are like the first man, do let me know how I can help you with the digging. Contact me here and let’s find more gold!

About the author 

Scott A. Dennison

I'm known as an Internet Marketing Expert and Lead Generation Specialist for the roofing industry.

I'm the author of two books; The best-selling “80/20 Internet Lead Generation," as well as Becoming Top Ranked - A Guide For Roofers. I've created several online training courses, and have presented at marketing conferences all over the US.

I specialize in helping roofing companies achieve their #1 online goal, to make their phone ring with quality leads – and to achieve their personal life passions.

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